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Foot & Ankle

At the Brandywine Institute of Orthopaedics, treatment of Foot and Ankle disorders has been taken to the next level. Our physicians use the latest and most innovative techniques to treat foot and ankle disorders. With cutting edge technology at their disposal, our foot and ankle surgeons can offer both non-operative and operative treatment options for most disorders of the foot and ankle.

Minimal incision surgery including endoscopic fascial release, endoprosthetic treatment for collapsed flatfoot deformity and deformity correction via external fixator manipulation are just some of the various treatment options offered at the Brandywine Institute of Orthopaedics.

Surgeons : Foot & Ankle

Glenn E. Lipton, M.D.

James T. Guille, M.D.

Nikos Pavlides, M.D.


  • Metatarsal (ball of the foot) pain
  • Flatfoot deformity (pediatric and adult)
  • High-arched (cavus) feet
  • Hallux Valgus (bunion) deformity
  • Hammertoe deformity
  • Neuroma
  • Ankle sprain/strain
  • Total ankle replacement surgery
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles rupture or tendonitis
  • Reconstructive surgery for failed previous foot or ankle surgery
  • Stress/insufficiency fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Metatarsus Adductus
  • Club foot deformity (pediatric or residual adult)
  • Foot sprain
  • Bursitis (joint pain) for the foot and ankle
  • Arch pain
  • Tendon dysfunction
  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Rigid/arthritic great toe joint
  • Chronic ankle sprain
  • Sports injuries