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Physical Therapy : Steven Buttaro

Steven Buttaro, MPT - Director of Physical Therapy

Steven Buttaro is the Director of Physical Therapy at Brandywine Institute of Orthopedics. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the College of Graduate Studies at Thomas Jefferson University where he earned a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. Prior to pursuing a Masters degree, he became a Professional Massage Therapist at the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy. Steven Buttaro has experience in the sub-acute and long term rehab setting and enjoys working with a diverse population from children to older adults. He has a hands-on approach using manual therapy, modalites, and exercise to accelerate the rehabilitation process and achieve patient goals while reaching maximum functional potential. Finally, he believes in the interdisciplinary approach of Therapists and Physicians working together since the opening of Brandywine Physical Therapy in August 2008.