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Special Procedures : Verilast Knee Technology

Verilast Implant

Remember, VERILAST Knee Technology is exclusive to medical device maker Smith & Nephew—and not every surgeon has been trained to use Smith & Nephew knee implants. I have received that training and look forward to discussing the VERILAST Technology option with you.


VERILAST Knee Technology builds on the decade of success of an advanced implant material called OXINIUM (Oxidized Zirconium), joining this lightweight, low-friction metal with a special kind of "highly cross-linked" plastic that is also resistant to common implant wear. When these two surfaces work together in the joint, they do amazing and unprecedented things:

About VERILAST Knee Technology

Based on laboratory wear simulation testing, the LEGION Primary Knee System with VERILAST Knee Technology is expected to provide wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions.

The results of laboratory wear simulation testing have not been proven to predict actual joint durability and performance in people. A reduction in wear alone may not result in improved joint durability and performance because other factors, such as bone structure, can affect joint durability and performance and cause medical conditions that may result in the need for additional surgery. These other factors were not studied as part of the testing. So while they cannot say they've eliminated a leading cause of implant failure, Smith & Nephew believes their 20 years of dedicated research are paying off for patients who would like to rediscover their active life after surgery.